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  Melur London Menu
Kuih Dadar 
Pandan pancake stuffed with desiccated coconut 

Pisang Goreng 
Banana fritters served with a scoop of ice cream 

Pisang Jala Emas 
Fried split banana with red bean wrapped with kataifi flour 

Sago Gula Melaka 
Sago cooked in coconut milk served with palm sugar 

Lempeng Pandan 
Pancake with banana served with a scoop of ice cream 

Air Batu Kacang (ABC) 
Popular Malaysian shaved ice with syrup and beans 

Honey Pot ice cream 
Vanilla ice cream topped with honey, toffee and nuts 

Flute Hazelnut  ice cream 
Ice cream with chocolate topped with pieces of hazelnut 

Strawberry Flute ice cream 
Ice cream topped with mixed berries