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Chicken, Lamb & Beef Dishes  

Ayam Halia 
Boneless chicken cooked with ginger & spring onion and oyster 

Ayam Bawang Putih 
Fried chicken on the bone with crispy garlic 

Ayam Berlada Merah / Hijau 
Fried chicken on the bone with crushed red or green chillies

Rendang Ayam 
Slow cooked chicken in spicy coconut gravy

Ayam Bumbu Bali 
Fried chicken breast topped with sweet and sour chilli Balinese style 

Green Chicken Curry 
Thai chicken and vegetables curry 

Sambal Ayam Goreng 
Fried chicken on the bone with sambal sauce 

Kari Ayam 
Malaysian Chicken curry on the bone

Ayam Percik 
Grilled chicken topped with coconut sauce 

Ayam Masak Chili 
Chicken cooked in chillies


Kurma Daging 
Malaysian slices beef in green curry with potatoes

Kari Daging 
Malaysian slices beef in curry with potatoes

Daging Black Pepper 
Slices beef cooked with black pepper sauce

Rendang Daging 
Slow cooked beef in spicy coconut gravy

Sambal Daging Goreng 
Fried beef slices in sambal sauce

Daging Masak Kicap 
Beef slices cooked in sweet soya sauce

Dendeng Belado 
Crispy dry beef in sambal sauce with potatoes 


Kambing Masak Asam 
Slices lamb in spicy tamarind sauce 

Sambal Kambing Goreng 
Fried lamb chops with green chillies 

Kambing Bakar 
Grilled lamb chop garnished with sweet soya sauce 

Kari Kambing 
Lamb curry with potatoes 

Gulai Kambing 
Hot green lamb curry, Padang style